Doctor's strike
Doctor’s strike

By Spencer Mwambisi

Dear government,

My allowances is in need of a hike,

For long my lifestyle has been apelike,

Still Surviving, to my dislike

Hustling daily to save lives, my body is thorn like

Tell me why I shouldn’t strike?


From collective bargaining to ‘collective begging’,

Money getting lost and you are still wallowing,

Iam losing my concentration, from being a doctor ,now am lawyer-like

Seeking legal attention from courts, just to make you honor your promises,

And you still reacting iron-like,

Trying to plead with you as Mexican soap like,

Grabbing public money whenever you like,

Tell me why I shouldn’t strike?


I have been subjected to poor resource management in the county,

While your officials are taking money as bounty,

I work long hours, I burn out,

And you still won’t uphold my demand,

Claiming you are upholding article forty three,

As you leave my devoted hands free,

Just tell me why I shouldn’t strike?


A strike means an end to what I run,

No treatment nor scanning will ever get  done,

Iam through with waking up in the wee hours,with no payment

Working to my detriment,

It is time you gave in

Because tomorrow I will strike and I believe  I shall win,

Strike shall be my greatest spell,

That will put an end to manipulation as well,

So, tell me why I shouldn’t strike?





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