NEW DAWN FOR DAYSTAR UNIVERSITY: LAUNCH OF SCHOOL OF LAW   Daystar University is popularly known for its commitment to the Christian faith with the name ‘Daystar’ derived from the Bible verse in 2nd Peter 1:19 which reads “until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts.”.Against this background, students and staff members are expected to conduct themselves in a way that reflects on Christian principles and values. Daystar was founded in 1964 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe by Dr. Donald and Mrs.Faye K. Smith an American missionary couple… Read more


Are Law Schools Creating Vampires? No
Are Law Schools Creating Vampires? No 1024 535 theplatformke

Dr Duncan Ojwang   Law lecturers are sometimes considered vampires who produce other small vampires who operate without a soul. Some of these accusations are a result of failure of temples of justice and its impotency to deal effectively with…

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One on One with Professor. Moni Wekesa
One on One with Professor. Moni Wekesa 1024 683 theplatformke

Dean, Daystar University, School of Law and Author of ‘Legal Research, Writing and Drafting, Kenyan Perspective’ Interview by Lillian Wamuyu Please tell us a little about yourself; education, work experience…

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Majority versus minority rights
Majority versus minority rights 1024 683 theplatformke

In the setting of transformative constitutionalism in Kenya, the Kenyan judges must dedicate themselves with the law by realizing the importance of their position in the society, particularly the society’s expectations. As Klare denotes, judges…

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